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A monthly column in the IndUS Business Journal

"The Browser War Is Back and We Could Get Burned"

"Planning Makes IT Audits Painless"

"Micro-Blogging Changes How Businesses Communicate"

"IT Spending Cuts Save Little, Cost Plenty"

"The Barriers to Macintosh Adoption Are Collapsing"

"Electronic Health Records Will Revolutionize Patient Care"

"Court Ruling Complicates Electronic Messaging"

"Inconsistent User Experience Hinders Linux on the Desktop"

"PCI Compliance Demands Better Web Security"

"Software as a Service Challenges Tradition"

"Extending the Life of Electronic Equipment Saves Money"

"Search Industry Is Broken, and Vendors Better Fix It"

"Most Companies Falter in Their Use of Software Consultants"

"Software Productivity Is Necessary, But Not Cheap"

"Britain's ITIL Is an Efficient, Accountable IT Service Option"

"IPv6 Support Is Now Mandatory for Many Suppliers"

"Business Turns to Virtual Second Life for Opportunities"

"Data 'Mashups' Add Twist to Business Intelligence"

"Company Support for the iPhone Is Complex, But Possible"

"Open-Source Teams Teach Lessons to Executives"

"Web 2.0 Is Not Just Marketing Hype, It's the Future"

"With New Google Apps, Software Battle Kicks Off"

"'Agile' Documents Encourage Team Collaboration"

"Finding the Right Handheld Is Not Easy But Worth the Effort"

"WiFi Mess Just Keeps Getting Worse: Is the End In Sight?"

"Don't Guarantee Customer Satisfaction - Improve It"

"Patching Software Might Bore You, But It's Crucial"

"Blogging Can Be a Simple, Strategic Business Tool"

"Carry-on Restrictions Have Implications for Portable Devices"

"Biometrics Improves Security at the Expense of Privacy"

"Grid Computing Is Not Mainstream Yet But It Will Be"

"Don't Put Your Electronic Information Out With the Trash"

"Businesses Lose More Than Messages With Lost Email"

"With Care, Portable Devices Carry Acceptable Risk"

"Virtual Machines Are Better Than the Real Thing"

"Software as a Service Will Lead to Better Computing"

"Failure to Collaborate Can Trigger Team Turmoil"

"Service-Oriented Architecture Is Here to Stay...For Now"

"Don't Be a Casualty of the Document Format Wars"

"Disaster Planning Is Not Enough; Readiness Takes Practice"

"The Road to Project Completion Is Littered With Risk"

"Understanding the Battle Plan of a Network Attacker"

"Computers Are Power Tools in Need of a Usage Policy"

"When It Comes to Telephones, the Difference is Switching"

"A Buyers Guide to Name Brand Versus White Box PCs"

"Forget the Information Highway, You Need an Information Tunnel"

"How to Help Yourself and Get Better IT Support"

"These 7 Emergencies Can Turn IT Operations Into Chaos"

"Discover the Value of Search Tools and Be More Organized"

"Data Loss Is Inevitable But Does Not Have To Be Disasterous"

"The Spam Epidemic Needs Strong Medicine"

"The Desktop Firewall: Do You Really Need It?"

"Network Security - How Much Do You Need?"

"Are You Buying Software Or Shelfware?"

"Don't Let a Disaster Put You Out of Business"

"Six Ways to Throw Money Away on Software"

"Put Your Desktop Systems On A Diet - Go Lean!"

"Achieve Dramatic Savings With Open-Source Software!"

"Learn to Run a Lean 21st-Century IT Machine"

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The second is called DAMICON's List of Open Software. Over 50 commercial software categories are shown with their open-source software equivalents. Check it out. You'll be amazed!

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