system analyst and adjunct cio business analyst and technical writer

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Vin writes a monthly column for the IndUS Business Journal. Those articles can be found on our Virtual Business page. Articles appearing in other publications are shown below.

Published Articles and Presentations

"Brainless Activities" (pdf)

"10 Easy Steps to the Right Business Software" (pdf)

"Keeping Up With Office Technology as Laboratory Research Expands" (pdf)

"From A Vendor's Viewpoint...Providing IT Support and How You Can Help" (pdf)

"Manage Your IT Projects Like an Investment Portfolio" (pdf)

"A Few Pointers for Drafting a Disaster-Response System" (pdf)

"The Top 5 Objections To Adopting Open Source"

"When Users Don't Know What They Want" (pdf)

"Do the Impossible: Lower Help Desk Cost AND Improve Service!" (pdf)

"Does Your Business Need an IT Help Desk?" (pdf)

"10 Steps for Surviving a Disaster" (pdf)

"Is Your Organization Effective?" (pdf)

"Defining a Web-Enabled Business Strategy" (pdf)

"Excellence Through Measurement" (pdf)

"Building an eCommerce Solution Architecture" (pdf)

Reports Published Exclusively on

"How Technology Can Increase Your Revenue Per Employee" (pdf)

"Open vs. Closed Source"

"What Are Best Practices?"

"Joint Requirements Planning Works!"

"The Titanium Triangle!"

"It's About Expectations!"

"BPM Exposed: Why You Don't Need It!"

"Is Your Organization a 1000 Points of Light or a High-Energy Laser?"

"You Need A Winning Process!"

Service resources

But Wait There's More!

We have assembled a collection of links called DAMICON's List of Open Software. Over 50 commercial software categories are shown with their open-source software equivalents. Check it out. You'll be amazed!

The world wide web is a big place. If you believe you know of a site comparable to one on our list, we'd like to hear from you. Just drop us an email.

We make a good faith effort to verify this list periodically. We add or delete sites as the situation warrants. Hopefully, you'll find something of interest to you on the list.

Please take some time to review the material we've written or referred you to. The world of software technology and its application to business situations is very complex.

These articles and links can help you gain improved insight into that complexity. If you have questions or comments about any of these resources, please let us know.

Also, if you have any suggestions for topics you'd like to see us explore here, please contact us.

If the topic has broad-based appeal to our clients, we'll write about it or at least provide you with a link to relevant information.

This web page is intended to be a useful resource for clients and visitors alike. Take advantage of it!