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»White Papers Program
»Case Studies Program
»Network Security Program
»Business Continuity Program
»Business Requirements Program
»Agile Project Program

Agile firms execute better.

We can make you more agile so you'll win more business and deliver better results. DAMICON can help you by:

We offer specific programs designed to deal with real business situations. The programs can be blended and customized to your needs.

After we meet, you'll receive a proposal tailored to your situation and designed to provide maximum value to your business.

Note: If you're a small business (less than 20 employees) or a registered nonprofit group, you may qualify for reduced cost or pro bono services. Visit our "We Want To Help" page for more information.

DAMICON's Services



Your Prospects Just Don't Get It
No one reads sales brochures any more. Everyone is suffering from information overload. How do you provide objective product information that wins respect from your target audience?

The answer is white papers! Our White Papers Program delivers your highly-targeted message to the right audience in the right manner.
A Great Track Record Is Not Enough
You are proud of your track record and you need a way to leverage it. How can you demonstrate the value of what you offer to prospective customers?

Our Case Studies Program solves this problem. We can extract the real value from your customer successes and turn them into compelling stories.
It's Just Not Safe To Be Networked
Viruses, spam, phishing, social engineering...the list seems endless. New attack types appear every day and the battle is a constant struggle. What should you do?

Our Network Security Program is the answer. You can't avoid attacks but you can protect yourself with appropriate policies and procedures.
Unforeseeable Circumstances
You worry about natural and man-made disasters. What effect will they have on your business? Are there cost effective ways to avoid accidents and deal with emergencies?

Review our Business Continuity Program. Your business can avoid many disruptive scenarios. It just takes some planning and preparation.
Ambiguous Expectations
You're starting a new project. Yet you're concerned that all the requirements are not well understood. Without clear success criteria, how will you know when you're done?

Take a look at our Business Requirements Program. There are some simple techniques that when applied properly increase your chances of success dramatically.
Constant Firefighting
Too many of your projects experience missed deadlines, budget overruns, or poor quality. You're following a structured management process but it's not working. Now what?

Our Agile Project Program is the solution. Agile teams produce superior results because they have more control over the outcomes.

We also have a special program to deal with complex situations that don't quite fit any of those mentioned above. We call it our ADJUNCT CIO™ Program.

It is based on a flat monthly fee covering an agreed upon set of services. In addition, you receive the lowest available rates for any additional services not covered in the base agreement. This lowest rate guarantee will be honored by our business partners as well in the event that we should need to bring in additional resources. If your needs are complex and varied, this is the most cost-effective way to go.

Adjunct CIO Needed
You are a senior executive. You could use some help in getting a special project done. Or, perhaps you need some independent guidance in managing a situation.

Our ADJUNCT CIO™ Program is what you need. This simple, cost-effective program is designed to be tailored to your exact requirements. It could be a crisis situation or a long-range planning effort. With over 25 years of experience, we can help you.

DAMICON has a network of business partners that can provide Related Services for situations requiring highly targeted results. These services cover specialized areas such as selecting open-source software, gathering software requirements and producing effective websites.


Let's work together!

Our approach is collaborative. Some consulting firms try to take over and tell you what to do. Others are passive and just do what you tell them. Neither approach works!

We conduct planning sessions where everyone has an opportunity to give and take. The best ideas are fleshed out and the risks are assessed. Together, we can be a great team.

The advice we provide won't be vague and abstract. It will be concrete and actionable.

Our goal is to help you execute better.

The success of both of our companies depends on it.