system analyst and adjunct cio business analyst and technical writer

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Are your workgroups...

» experiencing overly long sales and marketing cycles...
» looking for ways to reduce the risks associated with emergency situations...
» not getting the results they expect from technology projects...
» or trying to identify alternatives to commercial software?

If any of this sounds all too familiar, we should talk.

DAMICON can help.


We work primarily with organizations that provide a product or service to other organizations. Most of our clients provide a business-to-business service or sell an industrial product.

We help them achieve the results they need by offering collaborative services focused on creating Business Continuity Plans, Network Security Policies, White Papers, Case Studies, and other technical documents. We also show our clients how to leverage open-source software where appropriate.

Our clients are good at what they do. They know their businesses. They are experts in their fields.

Yet, they don't always communicate their expertise as clearly as they should. Nor do they have time to devote to emergency preparedness measures.

That's where we enter the picture. We are their technical communications, disaster prevention, and IT documentation experts. They can focus on their businesses and let us focus on white papers, case studies, and technical documentation.

Our client contacts generally fall into one of these groupings.

CxO's (CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.) or Business Owners:

These folks have invested a lot of money in computer technology to run their businesses and people to keep it all working. Yet they are just not comfortable with the results. They may need a new perspective.

Vice Presidents and Directors:

These senior managers are tasked with making technology work for their businesses while keeping costs down. They also share responsibility for reaching out to prospective customers and helping them make buying decisions.

Mid-Level Managers and Project Managers:

These are the front line managers responsible for getting the job done. They often need help with projects in trouble or may just be looking for ways to save the company some money.

Client Profile

So what are the attributes of a typical DAMICON client?

Our clients possess some or all of the following characteristics. If these describe you, it's likely that we can help you.

Situation Examples

Here are a few examples of specific circumstances where DAMICON can help you.

If you'd like to learn more about DAMICON and how we might be of service to you, take a look at our packaged services.

Open source community

Typical Workgroups

Shown below are some of the typical workgroups or organizations that could use our services. These are just examples to get you thinking about how we might help you.

Information Technology
--Business Continuity Planning
--Network Security Policies
--White Papers

Sales and Marketing
--Case Studies
--White Papers
--Business Analysis

Research & Development
--White Papers
--Business Analysis
--UML and the Unified Process

--Business Analysis
--Policies and Procedures

Human Resources
--Business Analysis
--Policies and Procedures

Customer Support
--Case Studies
--Knowledge Management

--Open-Source Software
--Collaboration Software
--Document Management