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Is your organization looking at ...

» improving team collaboration?
» producing a consistent message?
» defining software needs?
» differentiating it's products?
» leveraging open software?

Answered yes to any of these?

DAMICON can help you.


Out of the many dozens of clients and projects that we've been involved with over the years, these four have been selected because they exemplify how we can help your business.

These stories involve a startup, a mid-sized business, a big five accounting firm and a giant corporation. In many ways they couldn't be more different. Yet, the situations they faced share many similarities.

Each situation had unique elements requiring a customized approach based on proven concepts. Pick the one that resonates with your situation or read them all (they're short!).

Startup needs to define a product

This startup wanted to create a software application for managing and accelerating the software release process. They needed help in translating business needs into software requirements and selecting the right tools for building the application. We helped them define the application and deliver it to a major customer resulting in a multi-million dollar sale.

Product definition story

Mid-sized firm must select the right software

Selecting the right software for your business is never easy. It's even more complex when your intention is to become a reseller and support operation for the software. By following a rigorous and disciplined approach, we were able to help this firm select a solid product in a growing market segment resulting in new revenue opportunities.

Software selection story

"Big Five" accounting firm evaluates new technology

It's not easy for big companies to enter new ventures, particularly when the venture is technology-centered and the company is not. This firm needed help in translating an idea into a software prototype, thus bringing the idea to life. We were to assemble a cross-functional team to create a working model of the software using readily available tools. We finished on time and on budget despite facing many hurdles.

Technology evaluation story

Industry giant tries e-commerce distribution channel

Sometimes goals that appear unrealistic just have to met due to business constraints. Setting up an entirely new, e-commerce website in 6 weeks is such a goal. This computer systems manufacturer needed it done fast and inexpensively. Using open source tools, we were able to get the site done on time at very little cost and open up an entirely new distribution channel.

e-Commerce Story

We also have available a set of project snapshots (pdf). 10 additional projects are discussed and each is only a paragraph in length.

Vin D'Amico

Words of Wisdom

The World Wide Web is full of success stories. It seems that every company out there is successful beyond belief. So we're providing you with a few of our own.

A word of caution is called for however. Every situation is unique. Every company is different. Every workgroup is distinctive.

We tailor our services to each engagement. How? By understanding your goals and priorities, and using them to clearly set expectations.

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We'll see to it that the job is done right, quickly and cost effectively.

Constant communication and vigilance are always mandatory. That's how we do business. That's why the program we complete for you will be successful.