system analyst and adjunct cio business analyst and technical writer

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»IT Business Analysis Program
»Open Software Program
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»Website Effectiveness Program
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Agility can help you in many areas.

We can help you resolve the toughest information technology issues by providing concrete results that:

After we meet, you'll receive a proposal tailored to your situation and designed to provide maximum value to your business.

Note: If you're a small business (less than 20 employees) or a registered nonprofit group, you may qualify for reduced cost or pro bono services. Visit our "We Want To Help" page for more information.

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The Message Isn't Getting Through
You have plenty of ideas and concepts. Some of them may even be brilliant. But the message is getting lost somewhere in the delivery process.

Our Maximized Understanding Program solves this problem. Whether the aim is to create a manual, specification or handbook, we'll help you maximize understanding.
The Gap Between Business and Technology Is Too Wide
There are technical people and there are business people. Neither understands the issues of the other. Solutions are either too complex or misaligned. How do you fix this?

You need someone who can bridge the gap between technical details and business needs. Our IT Business Analysis Program provides answers both sides will embrace.
Software Is Too Expensive
You keep hearing about Linux and the open source movement. What are they all about? Can they really help your business while saving you money?

In a word, yes! Our Open Software Program will tell you what open source software your business can use and how much it will save you in time and money.
Low Return On Investment
You have plenty of computers and software but they're not providing the value you think they should. There's still a lot of manual processing going on.

Check out our Workflow Effectiveness Program. You don't need to buy more software. You need to use what you have more effectively.
Under-Utilized Website
You have a website (doesn't everyone?). But it's not clear that the site provides any real value to your business. In fact, it may be hurting more than helping.

A bad website is worse than no website. Our Website Effectiveness Program will show you where your site falls short and what you need to do to fix it.
Persistent Technology Issues
You have more hardware and software than you know what to do with! You keep spending money but nagging problems persist.

Check out our Technology Value Program. You need to know what you have and how it's used. Then you can apply it effectively.
Help Desk Not Helping
Maybe you need to set up an IT Help Desk function or perhaps the one you have is just not getting the job done to the satisfaction of your business workers.

Read about our Help Desk Program. Running an effective IT Help Desk is a tough job. We can show you how to keep support costs low and make your Help Desk shine!

DAMICON also provides a set of Core Services that form a foundation for maximizing understanding and value. These services cover basic business needs such as business continuity planning, network security management, and the creation of white papers and case studies.


We're in it together!

Our approach is collaborative. Unlike some consulting firms, we won't try to take over and tell you what to do. However, we won't just sit passively and do what you tell us either. Neither approach works!

We like planning sessions where everyone has an opportunity to give and take. The best ideas are fleshed out and the risks are assessed. Together, we can be a great team.

The advice we provide won't be vague and abstract. It will be concrete and actionable.

Our goal is to help you execute better.

The success of both of our companies depends on it.