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» Does your target audience really understand what you have to offer?
» Is your sales force effective in explaining complex ideas to prospects?
» Can you back up your claims with written explanations?

Answered no to any of these?

We can help.


Do you sell to CxOs, managers, entrepreneurs, investors and technical professionals?

They are a tough crowd. Tough to reach. Tough to convince. Tough to sell.

You call. You write. You send brochures and business cards. No reaction. No response. Nothing. What's the problem?

No one wants to be sold yet everyone wants to buy.

Buying is a decision-making process. Potential buyers are explorers. They first want to research, learn and understand. Once explorers understand (or think they do), they become buyers. When this transition occurs, they are ready to be sold. They want to hear the sales pitch and read the glossy brochures. They like being treated like someone special.

The challenge all businesses face is turning explorers into buyers. Explorers crave new information and experiences. They are cautious and somewhat distrusting, ever fearful that someone who offers help is really just making a one-sided, and possibly untrue, sales pitch. Thus it is important to build trust by offering explorers useful information that informs, educates and assists.

White papers are a proven means to transform explorers into buyers.

White papers can do what advertisements, brochures and data sheets cannot - inform, educate and assistůsimultaneously. They inform by presenting the reader with useful information. They educate by drilling into complex topics and helping the reader understand the problems and solutions. Finally, they assist by providing valuable content with references to additional information.

Among the most common reasons for reading white papers are the following:

White papers can stimulate sales by offering valuable information about markets, technologies and products. They are a useful tool for educating your sales staff and business partners as well as potential buyers. They can also generate leads as people request them thus indicating that they have an interest in your company and its products or services.

Demonstrate thought leadership before product leadership.

Our White Papers Program can position your firm as subject-matter experts. Using one-on-one interviews and facilitation techniques, we draw out your ideas and focus on what really matters. By linking all the information together and creating a strong flow, we deliver the information to your readers so it makes sense to them.

Helpful information is the key to turning explorers into buyers!

White papers can help you introduce new products, enter new markets, invigorate existing products and raise the stature of your firm. However, they must be written carefully and with the best interests of the reader in mind. A poorly written white paper will drive readers away and leave them suspicious of your tactics.

Our approach is flexible and collaborative!

We can write a single white paper or a set of papers for you. We can research and write all the content or work with material you already have. We can handle all layout and design issues or work with your designer. It's up to you!

We tailor the approach to suit your needs, schedule and budget. You'll receive a fixed time and cost proposal before we begin.

White papers and case studies go hand in hand. For more information, read about our case studies services.


A useful tool!

Most businesses have glossy, sales brochures, other marketing literature and user manuals. These are necessary and important sales tools for winning over buyers and closing deals.

The white paper is another sales tool though its focus is different. It is usually employed early in the sales cycle before the interested party has made a decision to buy anything. In fact, the person reading the white paper may only want to be educated.

Buyer or not, a bond is formed.

Even if the reader has no interest in buying anything, the white paper can form a bond as the reader recognizes that the authors are experts in their field. When the time comes for the reader to buy or make a recommendation to someone else, this bond will pay off in new business.

White papers are a tool to inform, educate and assist. They belong in the toolbox of every sales and marketing professional.

Demonstrate thought leadership and create a lasting impression.

DAMICON can help!