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» Has your business been adversely impacted by network intrusions, viruses or spam?
» Most security violations are inside jobs. Want to know how to prevent them?
» Are you increasingly concerned about the growing sophistication of attackers?

Answered yes to any of these?

We can help.


Security is about people, policy and process, not technology.

Business is complex. There are orders to fill, customers to satisfy, employees to manage, suppliers to handle and problems to solve. But that's not all. Virus attacks, spam overload, network intrusions, and disgruntled employees can make the everyday challenges even tougher.

Security impacts us from the moment we leave the house (locking the door) to the moment we login to our computers. Throughout the day, emails are scanned for viruses, spam is filtered out, network intrusions are blocked and access to corporate resources is controlled and audited.

And it doesn't end there. Do you realize that used PC's and laptops have become a feeding ground for attackers? Most people don't thoroughly erase or destroy the data on discarded hard drives. Anyone with minimal knowledge of Windows and freely available tools can extract a wealth of information from these machines.

Technology alone cannot solve the problem.

Many companies get too caught up in stopping the criminals. They end up with solutions that make it harder for employees to function. It's been shown repeatedly that when people have difficulty getting their jobs done, they find an easier way. This includes circumventing security mechanisms and protocols.

Constantly reacting to security violations and cleaning up after them can quickly get out of control. What's needed is a way to prevent disruptions so people are productive and safe. You and your team need to focus on getting your jobs done not cleaning up virtual battlefields.

People need to be educated. Policy needs to be reasonable. Process needs to be simple.

The three goals for people, policy and process have to be met for security to work effectively. Also consider that security needs vary by workgroup and facility. Applying a single comprehensive solution to the entire company may result in over protection for some areas and under protection in others.

Security is not a necessary evil. It's just necessary.

Every situation is unique. We'll approach yours in the following way to ensure that the resulting environment will be as safe and productive as we can make it.

By the time you realize your company is insecure, it's too late!

If you postpone taking any action until there's been a serious intrusion, you'll end up paying twice, once to fix the mess and a second time to prevent it from happening again...if you're still in business.

We will come to your office for an initial consultation at any time you choose. It is complimentary and without obligation. Armed with an overview of your business and a high-level view of your network architecture, we will create a clear, fixed-price proposal for you within 24 hours. The proposal will outline where your potential network vulnerabilities lie and what will be done to address them.

For information about the broader topic of disaster survival planning, take a look at our Business Continuity Program.

SafePlace sign

Are you in a safe place?

While most hacker attacks are more mischievous than truly destructive, they still force us to spend considerable time and money dealing with the after effects.

Unfortunately, the information technology industry has done a poor job of managing the situation. There are far too many vulnerabilities and no comprehensive solution exists.

It would be nice if we could just sit back and wait for a solution to arrive before taking any action. Unfortunately, you could be out of business by then. So what can be done?.

Explore. Plan. Execute. Verify.

It comes down to simple, practical steps. Explore what you have. Plan for protecting the vulnerable areas. Execute the plan diligently. Verify that the network is a SafePlace.

We can work with your staff to create a Safe Systems Environment, train your team in best practices, and put together a maintainable plan.