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If your business is a commercial, for-profit enterprise, answer the following questions.
» Does your business have less than 20 employees?
» Are you located within 60 miles of Boston?
» Can your project be done on an extended deadline?

If your organization is defined as a nonprofit or not-for-profit group, start here.
» Does your group provide services to people in the metropolitan Boston area?
» Can your project be done on an extended deadline?

If you answered yes, you quality for reduced-fee or pro-bono services.


DAMICON is committed to helping small businesses and nonprofit groups. In this context, a small business is defined as a profit-driven entity with fewer than 20 employees and revenues below $4M per year. To qualify as a nonprofit, you must have applied for and received tax exempt status under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Small businesses face big challenges.

DAMICON is a small business so we know about the additional challenges you face. You have to do all the things that big companies do yet you have a tiny fraction of the available people. That means bringing in key talent as needed at affordable rates.

Small businesses are the cornerstone of our nation. They drive economic activity, create jobs and generate competition. They need our support!

Nonprofit groups provide critical services.

Whether your group is a charitable organization or an association providing services to members, someone is depending on you. Such groups provide critical services and improve our society in ways too numerous to articulate here.

In almost all cases, computers and software are central to providing effective services. We recognize the valuable contribution that nonprofit groups make to our community and we'd like to help.

Here's how it works.

If you think your business or nonprofit group qualifies, get in touch with us. We'll set up a meeting at your office and have an open discussion about your needs and our services. There's no cost or obligation for an initial meeting.

Your situation and the nature of the work to be performed will determine if our services can be delivered at reduced cost or pro bono. This will work best if the project is not on a tight, near-term, deadline. One of the reasons we are able to make this offer is because we work the project into our schedule as time allows. However, be advised that we will commit to a completion date and that commitment will be kept!

In addition, the project must be important to your business or organization. You must be firmly committed to getting the project done and willing to provide resources on your end to complete the effort. This is a serious offer designed to address serious business and technology issues.

It's simple to get started.

Business discussion

Who are these people?

This man and woman could be discussing a multi-million dollar software upgrade or they could be debating whether to spend $200 or $500 to purchase a mailing list management system. The details are different but the issues have a lot in common.

Large or small, profit or nonprofit, organizations face the same issues and concerns. We're giving you the opportunity to leverage our skills and knowledge on very favorable terms because we want to give something back to the community and the local economy.

Take us up on it!