system analyst and adjunct cio business analyst and technical writer

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» Do you need someone to facilitate information gathering and knowledge transfer?
» Do you know what you want to accomplish but not how to get it done?
» Is the lack of clear, easy to use and simple to understand documentation holding your product back?

Answered yes to any of these?

We can help.


Break out of the mold and discover what really matters.

Have you ever had an information technology project fall short of its goals? --- Insufficient, up front analysis is frequently the cause.

Have you ever rolled out a software application only to be faced with complete chaos? --- Poor documentation and training are often to blame.

Have you published information only to find that much of your audience just doesn't get it? --- Targeting only one side of the brain will do that.

Insufficient analysis or documentation = lost revenue.

When projects fail or readers become confused, a cascade effect begins. Ramifications can be widespread and hazardous to all facets of the business. But you already know that.

If you've used consultants or contractors in the past to assist with your projects, you also know that they frequently get paid by the hour and the longer it takes to fix things, the more they make. Sounds like a conflict of interest, doesn't it? Get paid to produce marginal results. Get paid more to fix them.

Results matter. Everything else is just window dressing.

When proper business or systems analysis is done, everyone on the project team shares a common set of goals. They are focused on results. When high-quality documentation is produced, readers develop a positive feeling about the application or product. This affects their attitude toward the company.

These efforts produce a cascade effect of their own. Only this time it's a positive effect that ultimately results in higher sales and improved productivity. And furthermore, these results can be achieved without issuing a blank check to a consultant or contractor.

There is a better and less costly way.

We begin business or systems analysis with Joint Requirements Planning (JRP) sessions. These are team meetings facilitated by a subject-matter expert. The JRP sessions, when properly conducted, will draw out all the available information and get everyone on the same page.

Following these sessions, we begin to transform ideas and concepts into understanding. This is not an effort to simply capture what was said. The information will be analyzed, transformed and presented in a way that maximizes understanding.

Or perhaps you have already captured substantial quantities of data and plenty of ideas. Now you need someone to sort it all out and present it to the reader in a clear, concise and understandable format. In simple terms this is technical writing though our services go far beyond just writing. We maximize understanding.

Let's get started.

Analysis and writing projects vary in length from a few days to several months. We prefer to operate on a fixed price basis where the goals and deliverables are agreed upon up front and your cost is locked down. If the project is too ambiguous to accurately estimate, we'll suggest an initial exploration phase to gather the needed information so that a fixed cost can be determined.

We specialize in complex projects on very tight deadlines. If someone has told you a project can't be done or a deadline can't be met, call us. We'll work with you to find a way.

Want to know more about Joint Requirements Planning? Read our article called "Joint Requirements Planning Works!".

Left and right brain

Appeal to both sides!

Left Brain: words, logic, lists, details, discipline, facts and figures.

Right Brain: images, intuition, patterns, big picture, imagination, opinion.

It's a matter of emphasis or priority. Everyone uses both sides of their brains but some of us emphasize the left side while others emphasize the right side. There is no wrong way or best way. There are simply differences in the process of achieving understanding.

Ultimately, information must be presented so that both sides of the brain can comprehend it. When done properly, understanding is maximized for everyone.

DAMICON understands the differences between people and the need to gather information and transform it into knowledge so that it can be shaped into understanding.

It's what we do!