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» Does your firm have a supported product list?
» Is there a Service Level Agreement for help desk callers?
» Do you have a help desk knowledge base?
» Do you track help desk call metrics?
» Does your help desk champion problem avoidance?
» Are your business workers happy with the level of support they get?

Answered no to any of these?

We can help.


How many hours of productivity do you lose because of computer or network problems? Does your company have a help desk? If so, does the staff respond quickly enough? If not, what do your business workers do when they encounter computer problems?

Ineffective or non-existent help desk services result in frustration, poor morale and lost time. But worst of all, your customers are likely to feel it too in the form of late or incorrect deliveries, billing errors, payment problems and poor service levels.

Computer technology is far from perfect. Breakdowns are frequent. Workers often perform tasks manually simply to avoid doing battle with computers. The payback on your technology investments can disappear under these circumstances. What should have been an investment in your business turns into a money pit.

Take control. Don't be controlled.

Putting a process in place to manage and enhance support services will improve employee morale, increase motivation, and speed-up communication. You'll experience significant cost savings from reduced time spent chasing computer problems. How? By focusing your energy on problem prevention and spending less time on problem resolution.

When processes are defined with a means for continuous improvement, you'll see resolution rates increase and resolution times decrease. Repeat problem rates will drop as preventative measures take charge.

Your staff will have more time to get real work done as they spend less time troubleshooting. Your customers will notice the difference in the form of improved service levels and faster responsiveness.

Build a strong help desk to support your business.

DAMICON's Help Desk Program is the key to uncovering opportunities to improve your business and is the cornerstone of our service offerings. In building or improving your help desk, the best place to begin is with a complete help desk assessment.

DAMICON performs a complete evaluation, covering all facets of your help desk operation and how it relates to the rest of your business. We determine what steps need to be taken to bring your help desk up to the highest standards using industry best practices. The results from the evaluation will become the foundation for building or improving your support organization.

DAMICON works with you and your staff to establish objectives and outline areas in need of improvement for your support organization. We develop a summary of specific steps necessary to achieve these objectives. During our assessment we analyze process improvements, performance metrics, information systems, and software technologies.

Actionable recommendations make your Help Desk shine!

Our final report provides specific steps and guidelines covering the following major areas:

Take the first step today.

There is never any cost or obligation for an initial consultation at your office. Our approach is clear and direct. We'll tell you exactly what services we can provide to your firm and precisely what it will cost.

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Help Desk

It's About Service!

Companies use a variety of names for the group that provides support to business workers using computer systems. For example,

» Computer Support Center
» Customer Support Center
» Help Desk
» Information Center
» IT Response Center
» IT Solutions Center
» Resource Center
» Service Desk
» Technical Support Center

You get the idea. No matter what you call it (assuming you even have a dedicated support function), it's the group that prevents and resolves computer and network problems. The key word being prevents. If the number of calls spirals upward as each new system or application is added to the network, something is terribly wrong.

Make it a goal to track the number of calls per worker per month. Work toward driving that number as low as possible by identifying the causes and finding preventive measures. Everyone will be happier and your company will save some money.