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» Is your business in need of an interim CIO?
» Does your CIO have any strategic special projects needing attention?
» Do you need the services of a CIO on occasion?
» Could you use some help grooming someone for the CIO role?
» Do you have a major issue requiring CIO-level attention?

Answered yes to any of these?

Our ADJUNCT CIO™ program will help.


When it comes to information technology needs, most companies spend too much time in reactive mode and not nearly enough time in proactive mode. The problem exists in firms with or without a Chief Information Officer (CIO). Desktops and servers are added to the network on an ad hoc basis. Networks are extended as needed and often without authorization (as is happening with WiFi networks in many organizations).

Firms without a designated CIO suffer from a lack of senior-level, unbiased, technology guidance. Many of these organizations rely on their computer systems supplier. While these suppliers are competent and technically knowledgeable, they lack business expertise and their primary motivation is to sell products. The faster those products become obsolete, the more money the supplier makes.

Firms with a CIO are in a better position though many of these executives are constantly fire-fighting. Staff shortages, mergers and acquisitions, inherited problems, and lack of funding can make it almost impossible to step back and take a broad view of the situation. Many CIO's find themselves operating in a constant reactive manner unable to find the time to be proactive.

You can control technology so it doesn't control you.

Critical business functions can work in a reliable, efficient, cost-effective fashion. It starts by defining core, mission-critical activities. You then define what really matters for those activities and create best practices to optimize them. The result is a healthy, customer-focused technology platform.

Or maybe you just need someone to take on the special project that there's just never time to do. Want to assess software packages for an upgrade or new initiative? Interested in evaluating open source alternatives? Need someone to act as intermediary with a business group? By getting these kinds of special projects done, you'll be taking the proactive stance that is expected of senior executives.

Don't put up with under performing computer systems. Don't accept excuses from suppliers as to why your systems don't operate the way you think they should. Push back!

You can make things better.

To maximize service levels and reduce the costs of technology in your company, you must:

That's where an ADJUNCT CIO™ can help!

DAMICON assists Business Owners, Chief Executive Officers and Chief Information Officers to accomplish these goals by:

We are able to keep operating costs low and give clients the ability to tap into critical talent. We have extensive technology and business knowledge providing you with measurable returns on investment for your technology initiatives. Our vendor independence means objective advice.

The sooner you begin, the sooner you benefit.

Want to know more about how we work with clients? Take a look at our uniquely effective approach.

ADJUNCT CIO™ is a trademark of DAMICON, LLC.

CIO leverage

Leverage technology!

This picture (in front of Old Main at Clarkson University) depicts Archimedes' famous statement, "Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I will move the world."

Likewise, technology should act as a lever to help you get more out of your people, policies and processes. You need to maximize the force on that lever to move your business forward.

That's what our ADJUNCT CIO™ program is designed to do. In simple words, we help you get more out of technology. We can do this on an interim basis if you suddenly find yourself without a CIO. Or perhaps, your business is just getting started and you need the help of a CIO until you're ready and able to bring a permanent person on board.

Or it may be that your business is too small to require a full-time, dedicated CIO. Having DAMICON on call to help with strategic technology decisions can be very cost effective.

Whatever your need for CIO-level decision making, DAMICON can help. You'll get open, honest and trusted advice without the sales pitch.