system analyst and adjunct cio business analyst and technical writer

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» Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your computer systems?
» Does information technology seem like it's more trouble than it's worth at times?
» Would you like unbiased and forthright help in dealing with information technology?

Answered yes to any of these?

We can help.


Most business managers feel lost and alone when it comes to information technology.

Thousands of vendors and incompatible technologies. Everyone claims to have the solution. All you need to do is buy whatever they happen to sell. Couldn't be simpler. Just keep throwing money at the problem.

Sometimes it seems that every new equipment purchase or software upgrade only makes things more complex, more difficult to manage and more frustrating. Complaints to a vendor or supplier result in the infamous blame game… "not my fault, it's the other guy".

Maybe, you'd like to hire a permanent computer systems expert but don't know how to identify the right person. Sure, employment agencies send you resumes. But they all look the same. How do you identify the right person?

It doesn't have to be this way. You need an expert on your side.

What if someone could speak to your vendors and suppliers in their terms on your behalf? What if that person could cut through the weasel words and get to the real issues? Your problems would get resolved, your workflows would run more smoothly and your staff would be more productive.

Looking to hire your own person? What if someone with extensive hiring experience in the field was there to help you screen candidates? What if that person could even put some procedures in place to help the new person get up to speed? You'd no longer be on your own. You'd have an advocate and technology staffing expert on your side.

To an expert, seemingly insurmountable problems can be quite simple.

We will meet with you and your staff to understand the situation you face and the outcome you're looking for. We'll translate that information into a plan for validating the issues, meeting with external parties and setting expectations.

It's been our experience that once a vendor or supplier recognizes that they are dealing with an industry expert, much of the "standard process" can be bypassed and issues get resolved quickly.

If there is a need to prepare a Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP), we can quickly do that for you by following appropriate guidelines.

If there is an issue with level of service, we can review and/or prepare Service Level Agreements (SLA) and negotiate with your suppliers to get them signed.

Finally, if you would like to hire permanent technology staff, we can prepare job descriptions, contact universities, enlist outplacement and employment agencies and negotiate rates. Our service includes screening candidates and only using your valuable time to meet qualified applicants.

Comprehensive advocacy and staffing services tailored to your situation.

You get expert advice, a hands-on approach, preparation of RFQ's and RFP's, negotiation of SLA's and staffing help or any combination of those. Meanwhile, you get to focus on running your business. Isn't that what you'd rather be doing?

You're an expert at delivering products or services to your customers. We are experts on business workflows, software applications and, computer systems. Let's each focus on what we do best!

If you'd like more information about what goes into a basic Service Level Agreement, read our article called "It's About Expectations!".

High Jump

Raise the bar!

Our goal with this program is to help you and your staff focus on what matters to your business. By offloading the software and related technology issues, you can be more productive and provide better service to your customers.

Using 25 years of experience in software use and development, we can manage the technology headaches for you. You'll be surprised at how much faster issues will get resolved.

It only makes sense.

When your vendors, suppliers, partners or recruiters recognize that the person they are dealing with has extensive field experience, their behavior changes. They become more responsive.

The bar is raised.

In order to keep your respect and trust, they are forced to "impress the new guy". Those that succeed will keep your business for the long term. Those that don't, won't!