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Literati Club

If you need a writer to produce technical documentation or create marketing material for a high-tech product, please review the information below.We'll discuss your specific needs and deliver a proposal to meet those needs. You'll get guaranteed results without the headaches!

If you have an idea for an article or book and would like someone to ghostwrite it for you, please let us know. As long as we have the appropriate skills and expertise, we're happy to work with you behind the scenes.

There is a complete list of articles Vin has written on our resources page. Here are some highlights:

In addition, Vin has written and edited many technical documents and winning proposals, for example:

Let's make your documents or literature the best they can be!

DAMICON has written articles for a variety of publications. The articles contain many ideas for using technology more effectively in your business. You are welcome to take advantage of these free and useful resources.

Vin D'Amico

Read All About It!

What better way to evaluate me as a writer than to read some material? There are over 100 pages of material on this site. If you want something more specific like a real technical document or sample proposal, please contact me.

The work can be done onsite or offsite. For any work done offsite, you benefit through reduced fees and shorter delivery times. The choice is yours. The high quality of the resulting material is always guaranteed.

A tabular summary of my skills is also available.