analyst, writer and adjunct cio business analyst and technical writer

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Vin D'Amico

There's a lot here!

Of course! I've been in the computer industry since the 70's. I started out on IBM mainframes using Fortran, PL/1, JCL (Job Control Language) and assembly.

I moved on to work with minicomputers from HP, DEC and DG using Fortran and assembly. This was all before the PC existed!

In 79, I bought an Apple II. I was an early adopter and found it to be a wonderful machine.

1981 brought the introduction of the IBM PC and I got on board immediately. MSDOS was clumsy but very usable.

Along the way, I did some embedded systems development and got deep into Microsoft Windows internals writing device drivers for 3.1 through NT.

In 1994, I realized the World Wide Web was going to be a phenomenon. I certainly could not have predicted all that has happened, but I knew the world of computing had changed forever.

I've been solving business problems with networked systems ever since.